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Hi - I'm Mikaela, the designer behind Typeset Creative.

I'm also a fur mom to Milo and Shrew, mom to two-year-old Arden, wife to Mat, and perpetual hobbyist, busybody, acreage-dwelling, Birkenstock-wearing Aquarius...but I digress.

Obtaining my Bachelor of Design in 2013 was just the starting point of my design journey. Since then, I've gained valuable life experiences and put in the hard work - from working in a sign shop, to a senior design position in a marketing agency. These experiences all led me to start Typeset Creative in 2018, where you can witness the culmination of my skills and passion.

With extensive experience in visual identity, pattern drafting, illustration, and printmaking, I have always nurtured this love for the analytical side of bringing ideas to life. All that to say, I'm your gal to help turn *insert your wildest idea here* into something tangible.

I view my role as a stationer similar to that of a commissioned artist. Each design crafted here includes many hand-drawn illustrations, paintings, and hand-lettered elements. Through my signature style, I meticulously embrace colour while balancing refinement with artistic whimsy. The result? Magical stationery possessing a true abundance of character and timeless appeal.

Our Values

Why work with us, when the entire World Wide Web is at your fingertips? Here are a few of the reasons:*

1. A story can be told in many ways; at Typeset Creative we are well-versed in digital and traditional mediums to share who you are in the way best suited to your project.

2. We value slow-crafted, lovingly-made products that are uniquely spirited. Each project that comes through our doors will be memorable to its core.

3. Momentous occasions bring such excitement - but also a bit of stress. We understand this. Maybe it’s just our small-town roots, but treating each client with the same grace, kindness and respect as we would a close friend is our pride and joy.

4. We endeavour to create a business that is inclusive and thriving on human connection. Here, love is celebrated in all of its diversity with a commitment to serving all is love is love.

5. Our ecological footprint and impact on the world is very important to us, and we strive to be a leader in sustainable business practices and conscious consumption. More on our sustainable business practices to come.

*Also, I am a really badass creative and you won't have any regrets!

Choosing a designer is a big decision - but we promise to make the rest of it as simple as it gets.

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